YOU WON’T BELIEVE how this DOG looks after shaving all these dreadlocks

First off, the person that cleaned up this poor dog should get a medal! Thank you! Thank God there are people like you. I cannot fathom how anyone could mistreat a dog like that. This pup looks great now and has his whole life in front of him to look forward to. To his new owner, you have a nice dog to play with and love. Good luck and thanks for adopting him! Shame on the people that dumped this dog off. 🐕
Poor little dude had a rough going and probably thought “Well I ain’t got nothing to lose by letting this person do what they want to me.” Never in my life have I seen a dog get groomed and never flinch. Unbelievable. Show this to little kids who don’t want to get their hair cut. Excellent video and thanks for the follow up too!
As a professional groomer for 20+ years I recognize this groomer is also a profesdional groomer. From using a #40 blade on the feet to scissoring ear edges going with hair direction. The older dog also
feels the gentle, sure hand of the groomer and puts up no struggle. A good groom grom a great groomer.
He was by far the most calmest & most loving dog I’ve ever seen. His little paw to say thankyou after the bath….😍 I’d love him forever. Xx
What a kind and generous thing to do. He must have felt sooo much better after all that matted, dirty hair was gone. Not too mention the ticks and fleas. Great job! I hope he has the life he deserves now.
It’s really sad to see a dog like this and it must be so uncomfortable with the fleas on its body. Thank you for grooming this dog (which is more than just grooming), and the lady who decided to adopt it and give it another chance – truly kind-hearted!
The manner in which how the dog behaves so calm and gentle while being shaved and trimmed is remarkably impressive. It just felt the need to be cleaned & bathed that it has become submissively willing to everything that’d be done to him as it knew he’s being taken cared of & pampered in good hands now. So satisfying & comforting to find people do easily love and care for stray dogs out there.
Extraordinario trabajo de está veterinaria, su amor y atención por brindarle una mejor calidad de vida a este perrito está a la vista, orgullosos deben estar la familia de esta persona que aparte de ser una super veterinaria es una tremenda profesional dedicada totalmente a rescatar a mascotas en estas condiciones, felicitaciones desde Santiago de Chile.

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