The Dog Was Brutally Bbused By The Owner, Became Scared And Aggressive

Why are people so cruel to innocent helpless animals. Shame on them. Thank you for helping him. U R A true Godsend!!!
How could anyone do this to such a loving creature it break my heart… Thank you soo much for what you all are doing God bless
All the best Maise. 👍. Thanks for saving him. Millions of questions why people treat pets like this. Anyway thank God.
why some are soo cruel if you dont dog dont hurt them dog is like a human being thank you for helping that dog
Notice that in each videos of this guy, poor animal is never relaxed or comfortable after being “rescued”. All animals keep looking away from this guy. Poor animals are simply terrified of this fellow. I hope there is special place in hell for people who hurt animals then “rescue” them to earn donations from animal lovers.
It doesn’t look physically abused. Who cares if dogs are mentally hurt?
I like some animals but they don’t rule my life not that important to me because they are stinky animals
It must be very difficult to see you enter the relocation area without any problems. Thank you to those who saved us.
A big hello. To the residents, the production crew and everyone who helped with the rescue ♡ Blessings, we hope to see a good family soon!!♡
Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to save Yeoreum and Kkomul. I was touched that they ♥ raised Kkomul so chubby and well in cold weather.
The mother went out to look for food to support her babies… Fortunately, these people showed pity and were able to save them… These attitudes are expected from a HUMAN… God bless!!!I cried for Yeoreum’s glorious mother ㅠㅠ Animal Freedom Coalition that always saves children and thanks to Animal Farm!!! I pray that summer will meet a good family

mazing motherly love that I will never forget… A calm and kind child as if he knew that those around him were helping him. hospital.. Please write me, I wish to meet a good owner and be happy for a long time. I feel relieved that everything is healthy except for skin disease. Let’s meet a good owner.
Thank you to those who explained the story of Yeoreum to me and prepared something to eat. Thank you very much to the rescuers and the attending physician♡ Yeoreum. Babies~♡♡♡
Yeoreum’s motherly love is so touching that tears come to my eyes. I want to thank those who took care of Yeoreum, those who saved her, and the Animal Farm production team.
A big thank you to those who have embraced and rescued me like I’m shedding tears for the first time since watching Animal Farm.
Come winter, abandoned dog children seem to be having a harder time. Thank you very much for your interest, notification and savings. May the children find good parents too🙏
God have mercy on Poor Little Man How much he suffers Thank you so much for helping these little angels He is actually a nice dog. He is kind, human friendly and has a strong sense of responsibility… I hope Yeoreum and her pups meet good families and live happily ever after.
I have tears in my eyes because the person looking at me shed tears… Thank you for taking care of me Yaz, let’s meet a good family^^
Mom is strong.. ㅜㅜ I’m so glad that winter babies are well taken care of, let’s meet a good winter family, stay warm and happy.❤
Oh my God, how hard and difficult it must be for my purpose. Still, I am so happy that I met good people and was saved. Thank you very much.This is very nice. Thank you so much for all this great work. Greetings from Mexico.
The mother with strong maternal love is also wonderful and the little ones are so cute by the way… I hope to meet a good owner!!
Even in such a situation, it is very touching that you worry so much about your children and take care of them with great sincerity. Beautiful and wonderful
I had a hard time holding back my tears while watching the broadcast, 😢you’re still young, how tired and tired you must be… You must be happy Yeoreum.
Oh, it went so well that Yeoreum and the babies were saved. I cried because of Yeoreum this morning too~~ I hope I can meet a good family!
Summer is a super mom, a perfect dog mom, an amazing mom. May she and her puppies be nothing but the best in this world. It deserves a warm and safe place to rest and recuperate, a place where the puppies can grow up happy and healthy. We wish you a long and happy life in coordination with the families of the future who will adopt them.

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