Small Puppy was Crying In Pain For Help until This Man Finally Heard Him

Este perrito es una bendición del cielo. Es precioso, chiquitín y tiene cara de noble. Da vergüenza y pena saber que existe gente en el mundo que abandona a los perritos como si fueran basura, o les hacen daño, y encima de todo y por mala suerte esto les pasa siempre a los perritos buenos, como éste del vídeo Me parece muy bien que hayas viajado tan lejos para ayudar a ese animalito pero mi pregunta es no había nadie más cerca para poder salvarlo Heartbreaking how he whimpered during the pee break. It almost seemed he was worried he’d be left behind. Ty for rescuing!!! This little guy reminded me so much of my best little buddy I just lost 2 weeks ago. He looked almost the same 17 years ago when we brought him home. Bless you for your work. Donated. You warmed our hearts with saving another living creature in a time of need. It was beyond painful to see the beginning but as the video continued it brought out tears of joy. We owe you so much appreciation for your commitment to save lives. Thank you and God bless. I don’t know what to say that I haven’t read already. But I’ll say anyway I cried during this beautiful rescue of this beautiful pup and the amazing big hearted man that rescued him. They ‘re both gifts to this world! It’s incredible the work you will go to help ones like these. I was shocked to see such a small baby left out in the cold all alone. If it weren’t for your diligence and care, he may not of survived. I know how it feels to rescue an animal and believe me they turn out to be the best addition to anyone’s family. They are more than just animals, they are part of the family Name him “BLESSED” because that’s what he is to have people like you and yours to take the kindness in your heart to rescue and care for him. He is truly “BLESSED”

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