Rescue Abandoned Little Puppy With Big Injury Lived In Cave With Maggots, No Food and Water

Someone informed Kokkachi Shelter about a small dog with a wound around his stomach, so the volunteers went there and inspected when he was outside the cave, but they didn’t have anything to trap him.


So they returned to the shelter and acquired all of the necessary items, including cloth, milk, and a bag. By the time he entered the cave, the squad had returned and he had not emerged. Someone left a bowl of milk outside the cave for a few hours and waited.

After a few hours, he emerged from the cave, which had been shut with wooden blocks. And caught the dog, wrapped it in a towel, and transported him to a Calicut veterinary institution.


The rescue attempt was challenging since he kept going inside when they tried to capture him. It took some time to catch him because the cave was so huge.


The veterinarian clinics were closed since it was a holiday. Finally, they found a kind doctor willing to treat him, Dr. Shihabudheen, who provided all therapies for free.


They brought the dog to Kokkachi’s shelter for care. “And he’ll be part of the Kokkachi clan.”

The dog recovered quickly and is full of energy. The whole shelter staff fell in love with him the instant they saw him. He has beautiful eyes.


The Dog is now in excellent health and enjoys every time with his human companions, but the gorgeous puppy still requires a permanent family…

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