Hero Mom: The dog starved for months without starving her five puppies and was left in the cold without water

The heartbreaking tale of Celeste, a devoted mother dog, has touched people all around the world. When Celeste became pregnant at the age of two, she was mercilessly left behind. Celeste was a calm, thoughtful, and endearing young woman. She was forced to give birth in a dangerous setting and live on the streets.   … Devamını oku

The Frightened Puppy Screamed in Fear and Pain! His Head is Stuck in a Concrete Wall!

 Accidents involving puppies typically include their consuming something they shouldn’t, like carpet lint or snow salt. Sometimes they involve playing with the incorrect adult dog or falling off a table.     Rebel, a German Shepherd puppy from Riverside Country, California, who is 8 months old, discovered a novel, rare type of puppy mishap. He … Devamını oku