Man Drives 2,800 Milеs Tо Save Pit Bսll From Being Euthanizеd

 Pit bulls are winning the hearts of people all across the world, and they will do anything to help them.




Mario Rodriguez, a truck driver, experienced this when he fell in love with a pit bull after seeing a picture of him. Hickory, a stunning pit bull with a wide grin, was there. He was regrettably on the list for euthanasia at the Animal Care Center Shelter in New York.

The two-year-old puppy is beaming.




Mario developed a close relationship with pit bulls as a child and wasn’t prepared to deny the lovely Hickory the chance to enjoy his life.


“My family raised this breed collectively. I also brought up my own kids with these animals. They show a lot of affection.”





It was only a matter of time before it was too late to acquire this lovely dog because Mario was working in California. Mario made the risky decision to phone a few people at the office.

Without stopping, the drive from California to New York can take close to two days.

It’s a good thing they were able to plan the truck route to get it to New York. As soon as he started driving, he called the shelter repeatedly to make sure Hickory wasn’t being killed.





“I got in touch with the shelter every day. On the third day, they even knew my phone number. They replied, “Yes, Mario.” It is nonetheless there. It is nonetheless there.”





Mario sped up his driving, eager to see the newest member of his family. Hickory’s excitement and obvious comprehension that Mario had come to make him immensely happy were the two things that were the most “surprising” of all.

more than 4,000 kilometres of driving




“He began wagging his tail wildly when I told him we were going, and he wouldn’t stop jumping on me and kissing me.

Hickory made friends with his two new pit bull brothers right away after getting home. But he wouldn’t let Mario go when he learned he had to go back to work. Hickory would become Mario’s new co-pilot, which was the family’s ideal solution.




He is now her dream coworker, and she is content as she ventures into uncharted territory.


We frequently stop at parks and farms. He’s yelled at cows and encountered horses. She is enjoying herself immensely.”





Hickory has a bed of his own so he may sleep inside the truck at night.

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