Hero Mom: The dog starved for months without starving her five puppies and was left in the cold without water

The heartbreaking tale of Celeste, a devoted mother dog, has touched people all around the world. When Celeste became pregnant at the age of two, she was mercilessly left behind. Celeste was a calm, thoughtful, and endearing young woman. She was forced to give birth in a dangerous setting and live on the streets.


She did everything in her power to provide for her gorgeous puppies, but because of her difficult situation, she all but disappeared.

A street dog has a hard time surviving. Also, there are five puppies that need to be birthed, nourished, and cared for. It was likely discovered that Celeste and her five puppies were severely underweight. Using every nutrient she had, she nourished and kept her puppies warm over the chilly winter.

Despite the fact that Celeste was starving to death, her foster mother Elaine reported that Celeste was “extremely thin, and the puppies were just feeding like crazy.”




Celeste’s puppies were discovered to be in almost perfect health despite having a rough early life. Celeste struggled to feed her five kids, and her looks revealed the ravages of hunger. The loving mother had dedicated more than five months of her life to ensuring the safety and welfare of her children. Celeste was the one who, at long last, was receiving attention.

The BC SPCA claims that Celeste would choose to go without food to starve her kids. After leading a hard life outside, she has sacrificed everything to ensure that her children are secure, therefore it’s time she received the same affection.




Foster mother with the BC SPCA Elaine Nelson-Hosak felt driven to accept Celeste and her kids into her home. Celeste came into her life after she lost her best friend. The timing almost appeared to be carefully planned. They needed each other. Who could comfort the sorrow of a broken heart better than a canine companion who could love and care for Celeste and her puppies?


Following that, Celeste was able to acquire weight and power gradually but steadily thanks to a thorough “refeeding” regimen. Her body adored the six little, nutrient-dense meals she consumed each day, and she swiftly piled on 90 pounds. It’s wonderful news that four of her five puppies have already been adopted into wonderful homes and have been reunited with their families.

It was clear that she had found her forever home based on how well she reacted to treatment and connected with her foster mother. Celeste, who the family refers to as “Momma,” is acting like a spoiled dog by cuddling with them on the couch and keeping warm by the fire. This is a huge change for her because she used to live on the streets. She no longer rejects since she has discovered her calling. Mother is now secure, comfortable, and loved.

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