Heartbroken over Sad shivering puppy begging passersby to save his siblings in freezing weather

As passersby passed by and showed little concern for him, a dog would get up, wag his tail, and wait for assistance while lying on the chilly snow.



When “Help Animal kmv” stepped in to offer aid, four puppies were discovered inside a cardboard box.

They were covered in blood-sucking mites, but rather of cleaning them because they couldn’t tolerate the stress and water, they were taken to the doctor and warmed up. It’s a good thing the doctor stayed open late. When the puppies test positive for parvovirus, a lethal sickness, the veterinarian treats each puppy separately and performs testing.


Temporary preservers are used in order to lessen scratching and itching. Puppies are less tense. Together with the doctor’s injection, everyone also receives eye drops.

The doctor remarked, “I was extremely fortunate to arrive at the correct time because if they let them stay a little longer, they will be in danger.”


How did they get there? What happened to the mother dog after that?

Nobody has the solution. Three days later, they are clearly feeling better. They might stroll into the veterinary practice and look around.

These tall, handsome men were developing swiftly, but their skin was the problem. They needed mold treatment since, according to the doctor, they had seriously infected fungal skin under their hair. They also required a specific shower gel in addition to their regular prescription.


The names Lira, Nils, Martin, and Gray were given to them.

Fortunately, after undergoing significant medical care, they are all in good condition and look stunning. The disease gradually improved, and the hair began to grow back.

While the other two are loved and cared for by every member of the team, two of them have found their own happy homes. They have a bright future ahead of them.

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