Hardy’s story – Wolf howling stray puppy looking for mom was rescued from the dump/ Full Video

This is the most cutest puppy I’ve seen ever in my life … I wish i would have found him.. i would have kept him and cared for him as my own child… He is such an innocent soul ❤️ can’t resist his cuteness 🥺
Fico aflita só de ver seus choros e gemidos. Pobre bebezinho sozinho sem comida, água e amor de sua mamãezinha…🐕‍🦺🐶❤
Obrigada as pessoas que amam, cuidam e se preocupam com os animais abandonados. 🌹❤ Deus abençoe a todos! 🙏
Tears…a heartbreaking ending. Whether animal or human, a child separated from its mother is totally gut wrenching.
This happened to me with my little kitten Louis. Someone left him alone outside a building he was so tiny, dehydrated and sick. I bottle fed him throughout the night and remember how happy I was the first time I saw him play and I knew he would get better and live. Sometimes I forget that I saved him because most of the time I look at him in awe of how happy he makes me just being in my life and I can’t imagine life without him. He is one year old now😊❤
Ok I wasn’t ready for those puppy tears… tore my lil heart up. Glad he found you. 😊
Poor baby must have been so frightened all alone. I wonder where his mom and siblings were. I hope all the stray animals out in the world can be found by good people to help them find a happy forever home.
I’m happy that there are 21 million GOOD people out there in the world who watched this video. ❤
Those whimpers and tears in his eyes were heart breaking. Thank you for being there for him.
I was crying even on my vacation to India and I was like MY TRIP IS RUINED I NEED TO SEE THAT PUPPY heartbroken 💔 😢 😭
This broke my heart. I wish all puppies find a good loving home where they are well fed and loved and cared for so much ❤️

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