Dog At Shelter Shows Heart-wrenching Expression When No One Adopted Him

 It breaks our hearts every time we see a cute dog abandoned by his intended future family in a shelter. Yet, because of unanticipated events, the puppies feel much worse about leaving their home.



Ritter’s family surrendered the animals to the Humane Society for Hamilton County in Indiana when they lost their house and were unable to care for them. Corky, Ritter’s other sibling, is well-known. When his snug and cherished home was abruptly taken away, Ritter, like many other dogs, was terrified and concerned.



He was terrified, anxious, and heartbroken, as do many canines, according to Megan Bousley, marketing communications coordinator at the Humane Society for Hamilton County. They don’t know where their family went missing, and they are both perplexed and afraid by the strange, chaotic surroundings.

As he was left alone in the kennel, his distressed and bewildered demeanor broke everyone’s hearts. He did nothing but lean against the wall and stare at the ground.



Everyone at the shelter showed Ritter a lot of love and comfort, but it didn’t come close to being a permanent family. Bousley said the staff has shown him nothing but love and attention. He is scared and uneasy inside his kennel, but outside, he is content and willing to play and be petted.


Ritter’s despondency worried everyone at the shelter, and they resolved to help him find a new family as soon as they could. The crew posted Ritter’s picture on Facebook in the hopes that a kind-hearted dog lover would see it and give him what he deserved.


Sophie Spenia contacted the center after noticing the post had received more than 3,000 shares. The woman’s dream has included a dog for a very long time. She put it off till she got a bigger house since she had a thing for enormous puppies. After acquiring her own house, she spent every morning searching the Humane Society of Hamilton County’s website and Facebook page for the appropriate dog for herself. She knew she had found what she was seeking for when she at finally saw Ritter’s dejected image.


Spenia initially saw Ritter’s image and description at 6 a.m., and she “immediately emailed my sister and said we had to go bust him out of there as soon as work.” Two hours later, my sister texted me to let me know the Facebook post she had seen had gone viral. I explained the situation to my boss, and he agreed that I should leave work and go to the shelter. He likes dogs as well.

Spenia was ecstatic with Ritter’s response despite her concerns that the dog could find it difficult to open his heart to a new home.


The moment he jogged over to me and put his enormously cute head directly in my lap, Spenia added, I knew he was such a sweetheart. He had to be mine.

On Thursday, Ritter and his devoted mother made their way to his new, permanent residence. On the drive home, he was buzzing with excitement.



Ritter, the puppy who was the most depressed in the shelter, eventually got the most adorable new mother, and I’m so glad to see him smiling once more. He will definitely spend the rest of his days surrounded by love and delight in his new, permanent home.

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