Deaf dog that was stung by thousands of bees was lucky to be saved

 Even worse, following the incident, his family abandoned him at a shelter, as if being stung by a large number of bees wasn’t bad enough.

When rescuers brought the deaf Pit Bull to the shelter, they gave him a life-threatening case of blisters and eventually called him Stinger.

As they couldn’t treat a dog in such terrible condition, they had planned to put it down.

At that point, Carri Shipaila’s LuvnPupz rescue in Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan, intervened to provide aid. She hopped in her car as soon as she found out about Stinger and drove about a mile to take him up from the shelter.


However, Stinger’s family refused to take him, so she started working right away to save his life. He was treated for stings, a subsequent skin infection, and sarcoptic mange.

Regrettably, he ended up getting Pemphigus, an autoimmune condition that he will always have to deal with.


Due to the high costs of his care, he will never be available for adoption, but he did find a loving forever home with a foster family and will continue to receive care and therapy through LuvnPupz.


Stinger has come a long way from being abandoned at the shelter in the beginning. He has a gorgeous white coat, and his agonizing blisters are now completely gone.


He is such a lovely, joyful dog, and he is relishing his new life with a loving household!

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