Animals in disasters–10 rescues to make your heart stand still.

Gracias chicos por tener ese amor a los animalitos indefensos muy buen trabajo los felicito gracias son grandes seres humanos
I’ve always said that Animal Aid is always there for the poor animals. I absolutely love those guys. The animals always turn around as if to say thank you. Great video. Thank you guys!!
I saw that every animals say thanks by looking back after saving his life,that’s really great and amazing work,love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩
All of you deserve a medal for being heroes and giving the voiceless hope when they are in despair.Que hermosa labor la que realizan, felicitaciones y gracias por ayudar a tanto animalito que los necesita, saludos desde Chile.
I am an animal lover and have been my whole life, and seeing content like this makes my happy that there are caring people willing to spend time and money to help these fantastic creatures 💖
Parabéns para esses Anjos que ,Salva os Animais, que o senhor Deus os abençoe hoje e sempre Amém.
1:27 I love how he wags his tail, because he knows these wonderful people were there to rescue him.💕 So grateful 🙏
Ojalá haya siempre gente así…son animalitos de Dios no hablan nos dan su amor incondicional hay que cuidarlos y son una gran compañía!!
Thank You Rescue aid people. You are all so wonderful !!!!! I thank you a billion times over. Those animals look so relieved. God bless you all and all your families. You deserve so much, for what you all do for God’s creation.
The courage , strength and will these animal aid employees have to rescue or heal the weak and vulnerable creations certainly makes them superhuman. An animal thanking for being rescued , feeding or healing is priceless.
Parabéns irmãos pelo lindo e honroso trabalho. Tenho orgulho de ver pessoas com essas atitudes. Deus abençoe vocês irmãos queridos.

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