Abandoned Puppy Wouldn’t Stop Smiling After Being Rescued

You can feel and see by looking through the puppies eyes while eating her first proper meal she was going to cry. You can almost sense her thought “hey, maybe life isn’t going to be so bad”? And it’s because of the kindness of people like you that actually care about our furry co-inhabitants. Thank you for all you do, please accept my small donation and my gratefulness. Peace! I’m so happy that you found her in the nix of time!! Out on that deserted road and alone she must have been terrified!! Thank Goddess for your doing!! May you bless🙏🏽 in your efforts!! Good Luck To You and your channel Sparkles…her name reflects her personality. So sweet and already loving! Thank you so much for rescuing these babies! Poor little fur baby was out there all by herself, she must’ve been so scared, hungry, and thirsty. When she ran to you I started tearing up because she was scared, but wanted to trust you because her situation was so dire. Thank you so much for rescuing that precious little girl, you are heroes! She’s just so adorable – and she has such a sweet, friendly, happy, energetic personality – anyone would be lucky to have such a great puppy! I vote for Smiley. The way she smiled at you guys was amazing. Thanks for all of your rescue efforts. May St. Francis continue to guide you. Thank you for saving this precious little munchkin! She is so very sweet and very pretty, she will make someone a super companion. I think you should name her velvet, as that what her fur looks like, god bless you for what you do and God bless little Velvet, hope she finds a loving home soon. This cute little puppy has every right to smile when she is being rescued, I’m glad she was rescued and made sure she was ok by going to the vet, I hope Angel finds a good home she really deserves it

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