Abandoned Puppy was Scared to Death and Struggling to Survive until This Happened

It was wonderful that you had a friend for this beautiful puppy right at hand. I think that helped her immensely to have someone to play with. Both puppies are beautiful and I hope you can find warm, loving homes for them. They so deserve to be loved. It sure would be great if someone wanted both puppies and they wouldn’t have to be separated. Thank you for what you do and caring. I love the fact that you found her and showed her all the love in the world when she never had any. Thank you for what you do. Thank you for doing this for these strays they would have died and now they are loved and happy it’s so beautiful it makes my heart fill with joy to see them play too! Yay! A new beginning for these little sweethearts Hope is gorgeous! Thank you guys!!!! That really warms my heart!! With so much negativity these days, your kindness and compassion for our furry friends goes a long way!!! God bless you all, and keep up the great work!!! Another wonderful rescue, from the archangels at 🐾paw squadron 🐾 I pray that you’re always blessed along your rescues and journeys and endeavors ahead. As always thank you for being wonderful people. I just don’t know why people abandon these dogs like this, when they have many options like shelters and Foster, instead they put them out on the street and horse environments.. people that do that are just straight evil. God bless all of you at Paw 🐾 squadron 🐾 O meu Deus que alegria e satisfação eu fico assistindo muito tempo esses vídeos é gratificante que você faz com esses animais Deus abençoe Now I hate to get caught up in the whole ‘oh, she’s so pretty’-drama. But darn, that is one adorable dog. I really hope she is warm, happy and fed.
Those two puppies just became instant friends, didn’t they. It is unbelievable to me that people could hear her cries and not save her. On more than one occasion I have come home with dogs running loose. Never one in this shape, but you better believe if I heard a pup crying I would not be going home without them Thank you for rescuing her from the freezing cold. It’s so heartbreaking that she’s already experienced hardship in life at such a young age. People can be so cruel to animals.

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