Abandoned hunting dog was found in horrible condition. Her body started rotting.

What a gentle and beautiful soul that pup has. Thank you for rescuing her. 💛✨💛
Господи , без слёз невозможно смотреть не собачку…. Ведь рядом жилые дома , неужели никто не слышал …. Какие мы люди стали жёсткими. Девушке низкий поклон за её доброе сердце. Храни Вас господь , будьте счастливы и здоровы. Удачи Вам.
What a beautiful dog! Thank you to you and everyone for helping the animals.
May God bless everyone who was in on helping this little girl get better! Especially the lady that rescued her and took her to the vet but also the vet technicians and everyone that had a hand in on this. This shows me that the world is not totally lost yet.
Me partió el corazón de ver a esta inocente abandonada y con esa profunda herida, aparte de su patita quebrada… que criminal, quien la llevó abandonar en ese terreno sin absolutamente NADA. … gracias a estas buenas personas que les cambian su vida con su amor y cuidados … Dios los bendiga grandemente. Con amor todo es posible… ❤
Ah man, to see her strutting around after the leg surgery realizing she could put weight on her leg again and then to lay her head on the lady who got her out of the field while she was petting her made me cry. Emotion is always so much stronger to see someone or animal come back from their dilapidated states.
You could tell that she had been a well trained & loved by someone. When they arrived at the vet office, The first thing she did was walk over to the scale to be weighed. Probably just like she had been previously trained to do.

I know it’s a year later and she’s happy now but, I actually cried when she turned around and I saw the open wound on her shoulder. I don’t mean that it made me sad and I felt really bad for her. I mean I started weeping. I have a face full of tears and a stuffed up nose. My heart would never forgive me if I didn’t help. That poor dog had given up and was waiting to die, anyone who reads this please consider supporting these people the smallest of donations all add up

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